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Marc Meyers – Hole In The Country (For The 99%) lyrics

There’s a hole in the country!
There’s a hole in the country!
Hole in the country! Hole in the country!
Hole in the country!

There’s a hole in the country!
There’s a hole in the country!
Holes-a-getin wida.
Money’s getting’ tighta.

The lord give the politician
Them buttons they’s a-pushin’
In what direction are we movin’?
What the hell are they doin’?

The Constitution is a-burnin’
The Constitution is a-burnin’
Greed runs our country
They’s a-sellin off the country

I was born in this land
Can’t afford a place to stand.
We don’t own our country
I say, we don’t own our country
Oil companies have our man
Wall Street has our man
In the palm of their hand

People say things are changin’
Our leaders are behavin’
I say that’s where the hole is
In the middle of the country

There’s a wide open land
Where voters trust the man
That he’s doin’ all he can
On the economic stand

So who again are we fightin’?
Some mythical land, uh uh!
It’s here we should be thinkin’
Cause it’s here we’s a-sinkin

My friends they’s a-sweatin’
I’m afraid they’s a-meltin’
Where’s the 1% hidin’?
This sure is excitin’, three hundred million
People frightened.
Who the hell we gonna choose? Either way we gonna lose…
As the hole in the country get’s wida.

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