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Marah – Faraway You lyrics

Hey, I got on the bus
Found myself a seat
More people pilin' on
I watch the busy street

Snow was comin' down
And more was on the ground
What's rollin' into town
Said I'd better get back home

I seen a rain soaked mattress
'Neath the apartment house of death
Strewin' in a vacant mess
All watered down and wet

I seen the horse cops take the beat
Makin' horse shoes in the street
Outside the Dollar Store
I didn't have a broken heart

I was not that lonely yet
When life played a trick on me
I'm afraid I didn't get seen
Two lovers in the park

Felt the blood rush to my fists
They were sittin' on a bench
Entangled in a kiss
Which wouldn't mean
A god damned thing

But even from behind
I could see that she was you
She was faraway you
What is it you do?

Treat me so cruel
Act so far away
Sittin' on the bus
Heard the driver signal sound

More people pilin' on
Other people climbin' down
I seen a dumpster bum appeased
Dinin' on a dumpster feast

He looked up at me
We turned the corner headin' east
And then we made a couple rights
My face had faded white

Stopped at a traffic light
And made a left on 17th
Then I got off the bus
Found my apartment door

Held the keys up to the lock
And they jangled to the floor
Well, I jangled down beside 'em
And I guess I might've slept

'Cause when I woke up in the mornin'
I was still out on the step

Singin' faraway you
What is it you do?
Treat me so cruel
Act so far away

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