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Malkovich – What I Know lyrics

Yeah the world cheat go
And everything in it I wanna see it
Change it and change mine
My peoples I see y'all in a minute
If I wanna make moves I gotta make time
And if you love me you'll take the bottle away from me
Turn around I start walking away from me
'Cause I'm tryin to be majorly
You're standing here... Should ain't making me
The top stop and I'm here for the vacancy
Our rappers is fucking majorly
You know when the greasy hair basted niggas as a shot
And everything... And wouldn't have any other way
And this couldn't happen any day but the day so what do you say
We turn it up and... Bourbon the scotch
Forget what I sad man I got this watch

Ya ya ya ya I'm bout to go for what I know
Ya ya ya ya I'm bout to go for what I know
Ya ya ya ya I'm bout to go for what I know
Be a lex Malko one time checking yo

Time's precious I move fast break shit and say...
And live through the...
I spit that one two check it quick like melons get split
Two times fellows... Chill for bricks the fast got
Make and they making the...
Always a big mouth... With the...
Cops is elephants ain't for year shit and they just call to pass down
Say you love shit never let live half...
I got perspective cause I'm...
A mother fucker loves what he does so everything he does is a plus for us
So I'ma do what I do well drop the... Well hustles
Do for now ice gate through hell just to change the game
Little back... And just laugh it out without fall we came

Ya ya ya ya I'm bout to go for what I know
Ya ya ya ya I'm bout to go for what I know
Ya ya ya ya I'm bout to go for what I know
Ya ya ya ya I'm bout to go for what I know
Ya ya ya ya I'm bout to go for what I know
Ya ya ya ya I'm bout to go for what I know
... Kid in the house one time...

I get my family... See providers...
My priority is gonna land me and got the city...
... Crossing across the ceiling
Catalogues and product...
I far from what I got... And I need it though
Money growing trees and all depending on the...
... Really pocket when it's...
Fucking with the... Is just...
I can just lie em up with the fire thus in...
That's when... Survival fuck my cheese when... Holy water
... You don't know you saw me then I got... Power
How you... But the music call me told me that was poetry
... If they do is causy you got work to do foods this
Kids aint' got no legends
To be bigger than life for years it must go undetected
Watch the sight of fame and entertainment except the
Fact that you... Uninfected
We... Just remind your my homies Malko
Milky way in the... All around me but who you are the
Visionary in the face...
Hungry in my twenty... And my thirty futuristic and my forties
Shawty is gonna for me when I'm formula I'll be in
My... And traveling with the...
... Thankfully I'm a warrior obsessed with preparation
Over money over fame and over reputation
Cause what we got here is bigger than your...
You once again grind grind me


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