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Mal V Moo – Wintertime lyrics

I'm a lonely soul walking the world alone
Everyday I find a new place to call my home
Every week I find a new heart that's accident prone
Every minute I await a hero to call on my phone

I'm always praying things will get better
But it's the coldest winter ever
I would love to get it together
But I'm too busy feelin sorry for me

Don't have the guts to say I love you
Not really sure if I know what that is
But don't have to time to get involved
There's internal battle I'm fightin... And losin

Gotta get my strength up
Got a long journey ahead
But I can't sit and rest
I'll rest when I'm dead
These weights on my shoulders have no place they can be set down
I wish someone coulda told me
When I was older
By certain things I'd be bound


What am I gonna do?
I'm reachin out for you
What am I gonna do?
I'm callin out for you

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