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Majken Tott – The End Song lyrics

When I sleep
You're under my eyes
Trying to always keep
The dream, in it's full size
It's able so see
The deep scar
After that we
Extinct like a holy star

When you left the hired apartment up high
I stood there, wanted for real die
You promised you wouldn't lie
Made me suddenly weak, made me cry

You asked why
I answered: I can't help it
Want to break free from my shy
Relies that we didn't fit
I wished I could fly
Fly from my memories
I want to cry
Cry so you saw your adulteries

I couldn't see, I were blind
You had an ace in your sleeve behind
In you I happiness found
But meanwhile, my marble you signed

When I wonder
If we ever could
Go through this thunder
If we would
Will you always love me
The way I do
Can you ever see
That I hold on with you

Trying to get under my mind and understand
Opened the door and out I ran
I could fake my death or cut my hand
When you said that all was planned


When I missed
You comforted me
When we kissed
My soul got free
Now you're gone
While you're not here
World of lonely get dawn
Now I have more to fear

I woke up in my nightmares and knew the true
I dressed up and ran straight to you
For me it was the right thing to do
"You met her the same day". Now I knew


The bridge I build
The way I created
All the hole I filled
The years I waited
Will you come
Will you stay
But if I wait some
Will you go the other way

When I look around and not see you there
I could break down and cry some tears
I know that you're love for me is clear
Even if you can't relies it for years


Sometimes I get really tired of the waiting
I'm tired of me being hard rating
Now I strongly know who I really hating
Moved on, got a new guy I'm dating

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