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Lydia – One More Day lyrics

Well I saw you fall back once love.
But I can't stay.
Stay like this weather swirls,
Cause you've become sick like this winter girl.
Two more days, just two more.

Now I see.
Don't you say that I've gone crazy.
Because I haven't gone crazy yet.
I just lost my mind,
But I still got you.

Stay up late so you're sure.
Sure that I wont stray too far,
But surely that got too hard.
Love is not for me,
I promise.
One more day, just one more.

I'd Stay If I ever could,
Stay if I ever could.
And pick up your pieces babe,
Cause there's never a perfect day.

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    I believe it's about the relationship. Love, just like anyone starts of gently, almost carefully, and it's beautiful. As the relationship grows, it turns fierce. It's passionate, and divine. It becomes pulchritudinous. You think there's nothing in the world that will match, and then all of a sudden, it turns toxic. "Well I saw you fall back once love" could be an indication of the girl trying to correct the relationship, and the significant other realizing he/she could end it before it becomes too emotionally damaging. "Cause you've become sick like this winter girl" could be an indication that she's grown bitter, and cold, but still so fragile and heart broken. "Two more days" could be preparing for the end of the relationship, as many set time limits when ending a relationship. As with situations like these, it becomes confusing and I swear, you will literally lose your mind. "Don't you say that I've gone crazy, 'cause I haven't gon crazy yet" sounds as if the girl is also realizing how toxic the relationship is, and she no longer understands the s/o others views. It sounds like despite how miserable they are, they're still trying to make it work. "So you're sure that I won't stray too far" could be the girl questioning where the s/o's faith lies. "Love is not for me, I promise" is the s/o other losing faith in themselves, as they believe that love could be too complex. "One more day " could again be preparing for the break up. "Pick up the pieces, babe, 'cause there's never a perfect day" is s/o other realizing that no relationship is perfect. There's always going to be bumps you have to smooth out. "I've just lost my mind, but I still got you" which I don't believe is listed here but is sang at the end of the song, is the couple reuniting. Despite all ods, they manage to over come all and fall back in love.
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    I've heard there is a book called "Winter Girl" about a girl who has anorexia and I believe that this song could be a good representation of that as an illness. And the narrator of the song is simply someone who cares deeply for an individual with anorexia and wishes for them to get better.
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     i think this song's about a guy who's girlfriend is very sick. "sick like this winter girl ... " and he finds out over the course of time that she doesn't have much to live. Maybe she doesn't have much time left. "one more day, just one more ... " and the guy's trying to keep his sanity, although it's very hard because the girl he loves is dying. "don't you say that i've gone crazy. "
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