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Lurrenz – The Truth lyrics

The truth is
I like the you hold me
The truth is
I like the things you told me
The truth is
I like the way you touch me
You are yummy, ami yami

The truth is
I like the way you kiss me
The truth is
I like the way you tease me
The truth is
I like the way you feel me
You are yummy, ami yami

You, I
I, you
All my girls (I love you)
I love you too
All my babes (I miss you)
I miss you too
Signorita you look so good
An hour with you was so good
It must be your lips and the sexy way you look
It must be your pretty eyes and the way you look
I love your pretty eyes and the way you kiss me ha ha
Pretty girls you can't blame me
You can't blame me for the things that I did
You can't blame me for kissing like this
You can't blame me for touching like that
You can't blame me for feeling like this
You ccan't blame me for loving like that

Oh Lurrenz dada I will never let you go

Ha ha I love it when you call me Dada


All yee out there (echo)
All yee in here (echo)
Never mind the way I treat my girls
I give them what they want cos I gat what they want
I give them flashy cars, flashy cribs, flashy life
There was Linda she was so hot
I gave her a house in VGC when she saw it she said oh my God!
Then come Cynthia she was so good
I gave her another in Abj
When she saw she said Oh my God!
Cherie and Marie two hot little twins
Rich parents and rich lifestyle
They really thought they've seen it all
See what I did when I got to New York
Bought them a house in seven figure zone
When they saw it they said Oh my God!
Yeah, that's how I treat them girls

Fine boy how can we win your heart?

Ha ha after the commercial break


Listen girls this is what it takes to win me
I want the way you laugh to make me ha ha
The way you walk to make me gaga
The way you dress to make me baba
The you dance to make me lala
Booboo baba uba yaya
The manicured fingers and pedicured toes
The way your legs move and the way your waste rolls.

I'll be
That that.
That girl that will make you panting
Right now I'm getting ready for ya
Pick me up by 11pm
I'll be waiting by the red BM
OREVA my name yeah¦ that's my name
I'll do my hair and paint my nails
I'll touch my lashes and my lips
When you see me you'll say oh yeah
When I touch you you'll ask for more
Yeah that's how pretty I am
I'm O.R with magic fingers
I'm L.U with magic something
When we meet it's gonna be so shh!

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