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Luka Bloom – Homeless lyrics

It was a homeless man in Hollywood who got me thinking.
We'd just flown in from San Francisco; we'd been flying
And driving for weeks. This day I saw a homeless man on
The street in Hollywood. I felt the usual mix of sorrow for him,
And anger at a society that makes a man live like this.
Later on I thought about it more, he affected me differently.
He really looked together, really organised. He was a survivor.

I'm sure his life is really tough, but I felt a deep sense of
Respect for him, much more than pity. Then I asked myself,
Why did I react this way. It struck me, that here in this crazy
World, there was a man, who drives no car, who flies no plane,
Who heats no home; in a time of global warming his co2
Emissions are pretty much zero. This homeless man in
Hollywood is a model urban citizen.

I on the other hand, I live this life of good intentions,
I travel the world, I try to be aware of the earth, I sing my songs,
I look and hope for change. But out on the road, I fly everyday,
I drive everyday, I heat my home, and burn up so much fuel
That if everyone lived like me, we'd need about 4 planets
Just to keep it all going.......................... Shit!

Funny how a homeless man in Hollywood got me thinking....
Men like him just walk the walk, and men like me...........
Well, we talk a good talk....

It was a homeless man in Hollywood...

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