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Love Me Butch – Never Ending Tunnel lyrics

Tell me what the heck did I do?
Do you think that I'm wild
Or probably I'm just your toy got stuck on the wall
Or a whore to you
Please tell me am I really your whore
What is wrong with this world
I might be close but I'm quite near
Will it be settled with blood bath?
You ain't got balls
You just a damn prick

Why? Am I high?
Some say living is part of sacrifice
All my life I'm in disguise
I feel like cloud with the pouring rain
Having it for so long but it never change

As I would fall again with my aggression
I leave my world behind
And I know I'm in a deep depression
I'd hide in the world beneath
What the heck did I do?
What's up with the name?
In the name if the gun,
Things what you did is for real
It sounds exactly when the bull is raging
You'll be sick hearing it when you're old
Hate that you old whore
Everything went wrong when you couldn't find
The hole which leads to your satisfaction
You ain't got balls
You're just a damn prick

Why? Am I high? What will you do when you hate your own reflection?
I'll find a way out whenever you're hardly recognised she said I'd leave town if I had to
And I will start walking in the pouring rain again

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