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Love Like Blood – Johannesburg lyrics

Higly armed the white police
Are blowing away little knees
Crushed bones and finger tips
Are forming words on bleeding lips
Blue eyes are watching them
Blue eyes are killing them
But there's no hope when they pray
The lord seems to be miles away
We saw the spirit of johannesburg

Filthy smoke covering the sun
A bullet left another gun
A nation screams in agony
In pure fear pure apathy
Lord oh lord where have you gone
See what your children have done
But there's no hope when they pray
The lord seems to be miles away

And thought the days of fascism
And racism had gone
I'd never thought that there would
Be things like oppression
Humiliatiion and persecution
That a dump white male minority
Could rule over a black majority
South africa you're only
The top of a lethal flood
South africa ruled by die hard fanatics
But still there's a mass of people
Who are protesting, fighting
And demonstrating against a system
Which degrades them to animals
But animals fight back when they're
In life danger also human beings fight back
So fight back in the name of freedom
Fight back in the name of human rights
For a redemption, for a solution
Hoist the flags of revolution!
My lord when will the white bastion fall!

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