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Love It Or Leave It – She's So Called Fire lyrics

So please tell me
Why and how this came to be
Because I'm already suspicious.
So very suspicious.

[Verse 1]
Pale lipstick with dirt on your back
I bet you had quite the night.
So let me guess how it all started.
From the car, to the stairs, from the stairs to the bed
Where you took off your clothes and showed how Classy you can be.

[Pre Chorus]
She said that everything would be fine after all.
Now look whos crying.

So please tell me why and how this came to be.
About a girl whos so called fire.
Yeah she's so called fire

[Verse 2]
And for every time you really thought wed make this through
Tell me why I never ever really got the clue.
I'm done with being stuck to you.
And for every time I knew that this would never fall through
Tell me why I never ever really got the clue on what you do.

[Pre Chorus x2]

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