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Louisi – World Premiere lyrics

First up, ya boy born K-are
Imma light show, 'cause I poor Lasers
Never really had a shot, but I stay sharp
Just livin' in the clouds imma take stars
New money for the new kicks, heal flip
I aint fake so I'm all for that real shit
Once I get a contract, imma seal it
Believin' imma make it, I can feel it
I'm hopin' big money and some big cars
Lil nigga right here with some big balls
This a new game, start it with a tip off
Fuck the time, there aint enouph to get me ticked off
Tell them m****are fuck**s with no Dick to piss off
Freshest artist in the game, 'bout to lift off

[Hook x2]
World premiere [x6]
The world is here [x6]

[Verse 2:]
Popparatzi, photography
Bring yo' camera crew to photogra' me
Autographs, photos, girls huggin' me
So many karrets, my diomonds Buggs Bunnin' me
I'm goin' big... Like Paul Bunnion be
I got copped, you got chopped like strong onions be
Get you crushed like ground coffee beans be
Stick you in the freezer section with the green tea
My spit cold, got me passin' out some freezies
World premiere, world premiere's you can't see me
New track got money, me and Reezy
What the Fuck is my name it's Louisi

[Hook x2]
World premiere [x6]
The world is here [x6]

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