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Lost Eden – Forsaken Last lyrics

I'm the Forsaken last to eternity.
This world navigates' it's down'

I search for the lost illusion.
It makes me feel mad.
Numb with cold, overflowing, out of control.
It makes me feel alone.

Continuous cry. It's for myself.
Don't erase me. I'm the forsaken last call.
Continuous cry. It's for my sake.
I'm here. Seek me, notice me.

Missing link'
Lost place'
The black past put me out' Fall'
That steals up as shadow of suffocation.
It makes me see the truth.
Out of mind, out of sight, out of control.
It makes me fade out.

Continuous scream. It's for myself.
If you erase me, I'll still rise over again
Continuous cry. It's for my sake.
I'm here. Seek me, notice me.

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    Music is really strong and sounds desperate, vocal sounds in rhythm as well, lyrics is not so easy to understand though. For me it sounds like someone's call, begging to remember about someone who was left behind and forgotten. That someone is trying to find answers why it happened like this. People who forgot about this person probably faced a hard situation or something and need help and forsaken person trying to scream out loud to let them remember there is someone who still didn't forget them. Maybe. It is all about memories and people who were forgotten by some reason. Screamo vocals making it even better to feel.
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