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Loggy – Feeling This lyrics

It has been said, I'm up all night never in bed
But I got a good reason not to nestle my head
Cuz instead of living scared of an iminent death
I focus in on some things that's more important than rest
It's that sort of mind state that gets me right thru the day
All play no work makes it easy to explain
With my itunes fulla songs that have seen their fame
I'm fired up cuz my buddies think I'm soundin the same
And it sounds insane, but I rap to maintain
The people shootin off my rhymes in their paper planes
Nuthings changed, a kid that tells it how it is
So if you choose to give me six, I'll throw a tape into the mix
You think music isn't broken, but I'll give it my fix
It'll only take a moment to see how loud it gets
We'll rip a jib, maybe pop a couple lids,
One life to live, were gunna make it positive

Try to find my meaning before it finds me
If you think lifes a bitch nah lifes a treat
Cuz we can walk anywhere with our own two feet
Feel the pulse on the beat and let your conscious sink
Into the deepest of the deep far out the pessimist reach
Kirkland white t's with some nike sbs
And an old pair of jeans I haven't washed for weeks
So ring ring on my cell and if it's busy
Then I'm probly on the other line just wishin you were with me
It's how I really am, and I like it in fact
So if you choose to rob my house just give my vicodin back
It might be that I think were on the right path
But it makes me laugh, I'm just a saltine guy
With a caffiene high that keeps my eyes pealed wide
Real bright, so come near ihad to do it chill here
But I hope by the end that my fans are still here

Some see me as the whiteset, never the tightest,
Sometimes kinda childish, but I'll do my best to fight it
Reggae, hip hop, chill party rapper
Take a hit of shwayze then chase it with asher
Inevitably rebelution will be mastered
Cuz the tunes that take away the pain the morning after
Memories we make come from the chances we take
And the feelings they create will bring us peace inside the wake
Were in a digital age, I'm at a pivitol age
I'm seeing things for the first time that's criminal man
Measure a man, don't measure a mans wealth
Treasure you fam, your friends, and your health
If the temperture dips and you sit livin alone
And I'll turn the sun back on and make the moon go home
Plug the ipod in and we can hit rewind
There's only one kinda song that I'm feelin tonight

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