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Little Guerrier – Mount Zion lyrics

It feels so great, Rastafari love, it feels so great
I woke up this morning, with a feeling
Only joyful songs i sing
For Selassie I my King, I Nature ahaa
Oh what a joy it brings, i wane sing for jah jah children
With the glory of my king, I know

In mount Zion
There is love for everyone
In mount Zion
I children each one teach one
In mount Zion
There is no place for wicked man
In mount Zion
I stand firm pon lava ground

I binghi Youthe, I must stand firm
Sometimes it's ruff but when you live you learn
It makes no sense follow them bad influences
Stop the badmine thing and get Rastafari teaching
Rastafari bless I and I and no matter what a gwaan he guide I and I
Rastafari is the only one who can free I and I..


Caan compromise in a duty babylon systeme
Caan compromise Jah children keep on fighting
Oh me a tell them babylon don't you forget
I elders you put them to dead
Oh babylon don't you forget
I ghetto youth you put them to dead
Me a tell you what you plant, is what you reap
Bred of sorrow, is what you eat
In this Iwa free life for I and I in I own land


In mount zion (x8)
There is no discrimination
Hatta faya for killa babylon
Only righteousness stand well then
Few chosen alone chal stand
I on lion in a mount Zion yeah yeah
In this armagideaon, hatta faya bunn
Marcus Garvey get the vision in mount Zion
Rastafari ehehey
Selasie i bless i and i chlidren from
This time till that time
A life over dead unu hear that..
Lyrical gunshot pon durty rome ou pa tand
Rastafari bless I and I children..
Haile I Nyah Binghi RastafarI

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