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Lillian Axe – Those Who Prey lyrics

I had a dream of great catastrophes,

And all the children cried a thousand seas,

While all the love we watched them lay to rest,

We stood up straight and tall and let them,

Let them put us to the test,

And we won, and love had saved the day

Then I woke, and evil got away

And on your throne you condescend so well

If I could have my way you'd burn in hell

While I watch you steal the bread from open arms,

As you promised to protect their lives from harm


Bow down to those who prey

For they shall have their day


Hey you, watcha gonna do to me

Down so low, can't you look around and see,

There's hope, truth is gonna set you free

You don't know, meaning of equality


Fighting to erase the dynasty,

Of those who prey on me.

And on your life you swear on lust and greed,

But the cries of hurting children makes you bleed,

Can you see your demons right before your eyes,

They're no good to you, except for cheap disguise.




Now one day soon the righteous will unite

And upon your head, the blind will gain their sight



Gonna put an end to this misery

And those who prey will see


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