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Lillian Axe – Fields Of Yesterday lyrics

What a day to ride away
Had to find the reason for my loss of yesterday
But I still don't know why I sink so low
Giving birth to worries, asking where we're gonna go
Guess I'll never know

Feel the skies anesthetize and wash my fears away
I believe that when we leave, we face another day

Losing memories, childhood slips away
Demons here in the dark, and they say,
"Have you ever known the fears of a madman?
Watch us live, watch us die in the same plan?
Did you really think there was another place for your soul?
Have you ever seen the stare of a dead man?
Taste the salt in the tears of a sad man?
Will you have the strength when you go to the show?

Then I saw a sign near the corners of my mind
In the fields of yesterday

Looking back it's been so long
My burning passion keeps my hunger going strong
But, I still can't see something's stopping me
From the lake of knowledge I thirst for desperately
Just to drink of easily

When you sleep your demons come, and scare your dreams away
Bringing thoughts of mortal men in rooms where angels play
Let me taste of secrets unrevealed
Battlefield for a soul they came to steal
Will you ever put an end to the bad man?
Eat him up, spit him out, like I know you can
Let him know I'm never giving in or losing control
Saw you counting every star in the night sky
Came to join you cuzi see with you eye to eye
Gets so lonely when the answers won't obey when they're told

I saw the light piercing through my fading sight
In the fields of yesterday

When I close my eyes to sleep, I'm blind
The ghost of all my years appears to be unkind
The poison of my tears
Nothing, something, life creating
Thinking, fearing, dedicating
Worlds colliding, hating, fighting
S** and pleasure, so inviting
Reproducing, learning, crying
Generations passing by
The blinking of a careless eye
Religious zealots pray to die
With lying, cheating, hurting, killing
Try to keep your life fulfilling
Gasping, save your final breath
A futile try to conquer death
You put your life in order, cry for the truth
And then you die
Feel a certain peace I never knew
Leave them all behind
I'm gone now
Goodbye, cruel world
Let me sleep forever in your bliss
Fading, I remain answerless

Have you ever known the fears of a madman?
Will you ever put an end to the bad man?
Will you have the strength to fight him
When you go to the show?

Then I saw a sign near the corners of mind
In the fields of yesterday

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