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Lil Wayne – Barak Obama A Milli (remix) lyrics

Call the president he's the next new president
He a senator from Illinois yeah
His criteria compared to John Mccain just isn't fair
Cuz he's b-l-a-c- so the eyes are on he
Through is pencil he write
Legislation with the country on his mind
And he don't cope ish
Cuz he ain't got time
Every second minute hour kkk wanna devour
He got guards ready to pop him
With their ch ch ch ch choppers
Every brother mother sister cousin grandma wanna hump him
Even got Hilary Clinton on the side ready to jump him
Tell the Clintons naaaaaaaaah
Couldn't catch him couldn't stop him
They go by the party rules
If you can't beat 'em you can't top 'em
Thought you'd smack couldn't pop em
Delegates couldn't cop 'em
Bill Clinton couldn't help her
Too bad she couldn't drop him

Man Obama so I'll

Obama goes here, Obama goes there
Sayin' yes we can just like Michelle he sittin' in the deriere
He travel to Arizona ready to cause some drama
Hopin' Mccain don't comment
Look at that bastard Obama
He's too young he's too hip
Negroes always causing problems
His pale lookin' face got him lookin' like a goblin
Mccain Mccain please don't vote for Mccain
First they up in office talkin' bout some heart pain
Call the ambulance quick all you hear is sirens
His temper isn't private
Dang I hate a mad prick
Don't you had a mad prick
Plus Mccains an old prick
Barack's a yonger guy so choose him
He's the right pick
But if you choose the wrong pick
Your step-son will probably end up in Iraq quick

His health care plan is so immaculate
So even if you broke you can afford to take a doc trip
You'll be feelin' much better not sick
And he's ok but his wife's sick
And her back's thick and her walk's sick
She's a fly chick
Might hit

Man obama so I'll

He's makin history like x, King, and Douglas
And rfk Obama he s that new black knew that
Red neck said he won't beat john mccain
He don't wear a flag and his middle name's Hussein
But who gon' be that boy dat dat dat boy they call Obama
Got republicans sweatin like they up in saunas
Even Mccains 90 somethin' momma
He ready to pull his lever every hour
And I'd rather eat a field mouse
Than to see John Mccain in the White House
Vote Obama in and I promise you won't turn back
In to some uncle Tom-as
No Aunt Jemima or southern fried chicken
Call him cheif obama or Mr. Keeps on tickin
Man pass the riots comment couldn't pass his tally
Even Oprah Winfrey said that she was right behind him
People I say this country shol' holt without him
But he's gotta go out relate to every body
He do what he do like give his wife a hug then a fist dap
Gotta do that stuff in public so the hood know that he's black
Gotta use big words white people love to hear them
If they hear it they don't fear him they don't know him but they feel him
That's real

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Submitted by quagmire4565

Barak Obama A Milli (remix) meanings Post my meaning

  • a
    + 3
    I think this is totally irrelevent to Obama and his presidency! Yes, Obama is the first african american president and yes, he deserves respect for that. Weezy trying to make out like he would have any impact on the election is just idiocy. Barack Obama would have been elected whether Lil Wayne he made this song or not and not because he is African American but because he is a Democrat and the American people were tired of Republicans. Barack just happened to be that Democrat that talked the most sense during his campaign. I voted for Barack, not because he is African American but because he is a Democrat. If Hillary happened to be the Democrat running, I would have voted for her too. All of you need to learn proper grammar. Maybe if you would have paid more attention in school instead of listening to this junk music, you may know how to spell and punctuate correctly!
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  • DavidArchuletafan
    + 3
    Huhreally do you kno who lil wayne or obama is you really need to learn a thing or two about them so shut you self up lil wayne is one of the best rappers alive and Obama is the best president that's ever step foot in the white house he's like gonna be super duper popular when he dies because he's the first black president. A long time ago they wouldn't let black people do nothin but do slave work and look at all the black people now being rappers, presidents, singers and Obama is helping a black people do anything they wanna be and no matter what Obama is the realest. Deal Wit That.
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  • e
    + 3
    Who even nunyabusnesshoe you need ta chill da f*k out wit dat bullshyt fa real cuz you only talkin shyt cuz you on da computer cuz if you were in ma face I would have ma sista beat yo azz. Lame azz b*h yo dirty azz cuz got ta say I aint neav broke b*h you beta go ta Evanston in ask bout me and don even have ta sell drugz or nuttin ta get it so yo broke azz need ta get sum money instead of waitin on da first of da month checks. In yo lame azz I got A's in all of ma classes so wad you sayin I am writing da way I txt so you need ta get hipped ta it. Hahaha get et me lame.
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  • m
    + 3
    B*h you stupid azz hell I should come beat tha f*k outta who eva ladytryant is because yuhh should be happy that barack obama opps ma bad president elect barack obama is president now because he gonna make ah change in stupid b*****s lik yuhh cuz all of that bullshit was not called 4! So let me catch another comment lik that ima find yuhh an hunt yo raceist az dwn and that's ah threat and ah promise.
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  • stormgirl08
    + 3
    I like this ong and I am glad obama won! Whoever is still racist needs 2 get over it cuz it is not right and you kno it 2! I am glad we didn't get mccain cuz then our gas prices we be up alot! Some of us aren't that rich and others are! Who cares if someone is black or white! It's like saying you don't like retarded people! Ok? Retarded people have lives 2!
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  • e
    + 1
    Ok Stopthemaddness you make alot of scene I lik da way you think, but lame people always got ta hate on people and don even kno wad dey talkin bout always on sum racist shyt and I don lik dat. So of course umma have sumthin ta say back. But I lik all people it don matter wad color you are your size or anythin I lik people based on der character not how dey look and stuff. So fa all of you racist azz people you might az well post sumthin negative bout ma comment cuz I'm always goin ta have sumthin smart ta say bout your. I alson type lik da way I txt (text) so yal sound dum talk lik diz da way I write and stuff et sku or sumthin important lik dat.
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  • s
    + 1
    Wait up Chrisfisha-Crossriff
    Democrats do not suggest that one "should" abort any child. Being ok with abortions allows people who are put in a tough situation to have a way out.
    Example: A female getting rape that results in her becoming pregnant. Why should she be forced to live with her painful past plus this it is something that happened against her will and it is something I am more than sure she did not want.
    Example 2: A female gets pregnant who doesn’ t even want a child. The child should not be tortured for their parent's incompetence.
    Example 3: A female gets pregnant who has not means of supporting her child. Once again the child should not be tortured for their parent's incompetence.
    There are many situations where abortion is the only viable answer for some.
    Please do not ignore the fact that the South is where blacks were suppressed by slavery for many years and also that the South is home to the children of Confederates who believed forcefully in slavery. Racism is still alive down here; I see it with my own eyes. Let’ s not make points that only shadow the truth.
    One more thing
    Many people are looking for jobs, but cannot find one because the republican way of life has driven unemployment and poverty sky high. After 8 years of a deteriorating economy and American way of life, I think it is finally time to change things up a bit.
    I do respect you though. I do not believe you have hate in your heart like many others.
    Barack Obama is not black president, he is the better president. Democracy has been our way of life all of our lives. Don’ t turn your back on it now.
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  • d
    Ok not that I'm racist cuz I'm not but. Seriously?! This song flat out doggs white people. John mccain may be old but so. Old people have good reasonings too. This song is fn bull s*t! Not all white people are racist and I actually had respect for this guy. Not anymore! Lil wayne needs to grow the f*k up, cut his hair, and learn some class! Cuz doggin a president elect is quite immature. You go lil wayne ur settin a great example for younger kids. Hope ur proud! And who gives a s*t if you made money off this damn song! It sux and reminds me why soo many people are in the kkk! Ha losers!
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  • b
    Lalala lil wayne is f*****g amaizing. Look how far he has come. He use to be a lil good boy allways getting bullyed buy the kids on his block coz he went to private school and now he is makin more money a second then they do in a year so tbh I wud love to be lil wayne and btw I'm a girl and he does such good songs and he is sooo talented coz it is off the top of his head. Id like to see you do that.! And barak obama is a legend and he is black so hopefuly there will be alot more equal rights about amd btw I'm a white gurl: D
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  • m
    Listen up tlmm I will hunt you down and f*k yuhh up on some real talk s*t so you need to watch that n****r shyt because yuhh ah get yo faced mashed in yo own a* you raceist az white trash! Mann you should be happy barack obama opps I mean president elect barack obama haha is president you stupid piece of shyt and oh yea this is ah n****r az yu call us but I'm proud of my race and err thing its about so yuhh can go f*k yo self for all I care.
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  • mikenoname
    - 1
    I'm not trying to be racist for all the people that might think that. I have alot of respect black people. I have a black friend. They are cool. They have great singing talents and they have tons of friends. Dude I would stick up for anyone who was being beat up or bullied. Doesn't matter what skin colour people have, we all bleed the same blood, we all have fellings. Our skin colour makes us unique, not weird.
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  • ChrisFishA-CrossRiff
    - 1
    I agree. Obama isn't a black President. I wouldn't agree that he's the 'better' President. Think back before 8 years. Was poverty still high and Welfare still around? Yup. Who was in office? A Democrat. It's not the party. It's the person. And I agree, there is a lot of racism in the south-everywhere actually. And it's not just the white people. I've met plenty of blacks who will pull the racist card when they, in fact, are the ones being racist. Racism won't die. Though I wish it would.
    On the abortion thing. Give that child to me! There are plenty of people who cannot have a baby. They would gladly adopt that child that was conceived due to rape. There is absolutely no excuse for abortion. Especially if you are a Christian. We always teach that every life has a purpose. Stop preventing a baby from committing to its purpose. The question of abortion is 'when is it considered alive? '. That's easy: The moment it is conceived. When the sperm meets the egg, a human is formed. Plus, doctors can't even abort a child until its in a certain stage. So its not like they say "oh get it out quick before it become a baby!". They have to wait until it forms or is almost formed. That is murder. You are killing human beings!
    You're right again in saying I have no hate (for humans) in my heart. Thank you for your intelligence. I appreciate it lots! :)
    *Correction, the man's name I mentioned in a previous post is Bob Parks. Not Bob Black.
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  • j
    - 3
    Dude first of all, what are your problems?! It's a song. Get over it! You racist piece of s***s! Seriously if you don't like it then don't comment. Simple as f*****g that! Get a life. Obama is my homeboy and hes gonna win this election whether you like it or not! So ya hes not a n****r. So don't comment if you have negative s*t to say! It's not like your opinion matters anyway. So go ahead call him a n****r but when he becomes president I'm gonna laugh my a* off! You dumb fucks! Mccains gonna die in a year anyway so See you in the f*****g future b*****s! Xd.
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  • s
    - 4
    This song is the shyt you mit call him racist but he is not he is jusst trying to tell ya how he likes but yall white b*****s think that hes being racist I kno some white that like this song very much so if you think that hes racist then ima call you a hater hes bout to come out with rock album soon n you thnik he racist that is just some stupied thinking folks b*****s this is america n you can say wateva bout any mothafucking n*a or white any day and its not going to be racist. So stop hating and listen to the mothafucking song. Hahaha.
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  • b
    - 4
    Just because some people are upset that Obama won does not make them racisit. I am upset that he won because he will for sure raise taxes and like Chrisfisha-Crossriff said people on welfare are on welfare because of those in the middle class. And I personally don't think Obama will be able to solve our economy by himself. He thinks he can but no one person alone or just two people [Obama and Biden] can solve it by themselves. And Obama doesn't support the troops. I do not think that is okay in any way, since someone in my family is in the military. But all I can do is hope Obama will do his best to help those he can help.
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  • ChrisFishA-CrossRiff
    - 4
    Stormgirl, I'm glad you brought that thing about hating retarted people up. Everyone knows that Barak Obama is ok with abortion, right? Check this out. The democrats (Obama included) suggested that Palin is a bad person because she decided not to abort her child because he has Down's Syndrome. Ds is what the common person calls 'retarted'. Obama, and the Democrats, suggest that if you realize your child is retarted before birth, you should abort the child. That's call discrimination. So, not only are you committing a crime (murder), but you are now committing a hate crime.
    Mccain was never had the intentions of raising gas prices. The increase will be inevitable, just to let you know. They're down now. But they will go back up. It won't be Obama's fault, and it wouldn't have been Mccain's fault. It's just the vicious cycle. Money hungry terrorist we buy the oil from will mark it up. Money hungry politians will say it's the terrorists who mark it up.
    Actually, Mccain would've had the power to lower gas prices because he, along with Palin, were going to suggest drilling in Alaska. Alaska has loads of oil that hasn't been touched. Instead of drilling in our own land where it's free, we're buying from terrorists who can change the price of oil whenever they want. That's like having a car in the garage, rusting, while you rent from Enterprise everyday. Things that make you go hmm.
    And Mccain's not racist. He never was. Did you watch tv on Tuesday? Did you look at which states were won by each candidate? Mccain won a lot of the small states. He also won most of the southeast. The southeast is more commonly known for having a large amount of blacks and hispanics. Obama didn't win them because he didn't care about them. He only hit the big states, and he hit them hard.
    This year was a good run. I didn't agree with the outcome and I'm not thrilled about our new President. But, since he is our President, I will pray for his health and wellbeing and I pray he makes the right decisions for our country.
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  • l
    - 5
    I can't believe folks would vote for our president just cause some rapper says too. Does it say anythin in here about y obama was hangin out with terrorists? The main reason we've got family in iraq in the first place because of terrorists. What about smilin and shakin hands with a pakistan-y man that just finished recitin a poem about how america is evil and should be destroyed? America has its problem (just like every country) but to vote for a potential leader that hangs around with the crowd that wants to kill you and me? Just plain stupid. And for you to vote for him cause a rapper who just wants him to be president because he's black. Race has nothin to do with leadership qualities. You are only as good as the folks you hang with. Hope yall like muslim rags! Asalamalakum!
    P. S.
    I do love lil wayne tho. Just don't think its right for him to push his politic views/opinions on his fans thru his music.
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    • a
      + 3
      I think this is totally irrelevent to Obama and his presidency! Yes, Obama is the first african... Read more →
    • DavidArchuletafan
      + 3
      Huhreally do you kno who lil wayne or obama is you really need to learn a thing or two about them... Read more →

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