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Lil Rob – I'm Still Here lyrics

Ey this one goes out to my raza on the eastside, westside, northside, and southside, I wear a brown bandana homeboy representing brown pride, you've never met me so why the fuck would i have a problem with you, but if we do i guess we gotta do what we gotta do, shit, other than that im cool, tu saves ese, im not tryin to be something i'm not, aint got nothin to lose, every nothing i got, i'll take it with me when i rest in peace in my lot, lately i've been thinking alot, drinking alot, even gave tweeking a thought, i keep with the pot, been sleeping alot, wake up confused i don't even know if it's the weekend or not do you

Chorus: It's been a loooong, long loooong, tiiiiime, buuut im still here yes iiiam, and im gooing to be aroooound, through all the blood sweat and tears, yes i dooo

I smoke weed to get me by, why lie, i smoke weed to get me high so high, write rhymes, tite rhymes, lowriders beautiful women and high times, addictions to street prescriptions, perfect fix to get you back in the mix, lil' homie on the street corner packin a six, and a glock wit extra clips n hopes to get rich, ain't that a bitch lil' homie has no clue what else to do got kicked out of school but me to but who knew i'd be writing rhymes to get me through but it's cool, it's alotta hard work not to mention a lot of blood sweat and tears it didn't happen over night the first time i picked up the mic, it's been over fifteen years but im still here.


Im still around i still put it down, chit i ain't goin nowhere, ese lil' rob's back to tell you to make that neighborhood music as long as your there, something to play loud be proud of, something bump to get drunk too something to fuck to make love too even got a little something for the clubs too, all and all it's feel good music, real good music, real hood music, either you respect dat, or you could step back, cause i won't let that be a set back i ment that, simon i've tried been denied maybe even died inside people say i die but they lie but when i do die they could say that i died with my brown pride.


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