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Lil Rob – I Know How It Feels lyrics

I know
(Are you ok?)
How it feels
(I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything)
You've been hurt so bad
I know
(I couldn't help but notice that somethin' was wrong)
How it feels
(By the look in your eyes)
You've been hurt so bad
(It's no surprise)

Don't think I know? Well I do, been hurt before just like you
Even the best get depressed, the loneliest loneliness
Got so much on my chest that I can't rest and I'm sleepless
And I keep this a secret, say you'll keep it
The girl I want to be with doesn't see it, can't believe it
Doesn't need this so she's leavin', I'm the reason
I still love her for all seasons, I'm in pieces
Turn my frown upside down so no one sees it
I mean this

I know
(I know how it feels)
How it feels
You've been hurt so bad
(But there's really nothin' you can do)
I know, how it feels
(There's someone for everyone)
You've been hurt so bad
(And maybe it's just not the one for you)

Beware of the danger at the fork in love's road
Sit in bed, feelin' cold and alone, please come back home
Sometimes I feel I should just let her go
If she comes back to me she's meant for me
But she loves someone instead of me
The intensity is killin' me, you don't want this misery
How will it be? Is this the way it feels to be destroyed?
That's what I did to her, that's what she did to me
I'm thinkin' of her and I'm hopin' that she's missin' me
You feelin' me?

I know
(I know)
How it feels
(I know)
You've been hurt so bad
(Every smilin' face ain't a happy one)
I know
(And everybody's somebody's fool)
How it feels
You've been hurt so bad
(Ain't no exception to the rule)

(I know)
That this is real
(Stayin' up late at night)
Give me a hand
(Play my records till I just don't want to hear them anymore)
And I'm here to stand
(Reminiscin' on all the times we had)
And baby this is so real

Memories of long ago, love letters let her know
Words of love so meaningful
I just can't see her go it's gonna take a miracle
Torture and sadness appear when I'm lonely
It drives me insane how it's never the same
She doesn't know how bad it kills me inside
How the tears behind my eyes won't show through my pride
But the touch that warms me through and through
I know how it feels, I know what you're goin' through
There's nothin' you can do, I feel for you
I truly do (I truly do)

I know
('Cause I know)
How it feels
(I know)
You've been hurt so bad
I know how it feels, you've been hurt so bad

I know
(I know)
How it feels
You've been hurt so bad
(Can't sleep at night)

I know
(Got no appetite)
How it feels
(But everything's gonna be alright)
You've been hurt so bad
(I know, I know)

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