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Lil Boosie – Swerve lyrics


Swerve right
Swerve left
Swerve right
Swerve left
Swerve right
Swerve left
Swerve right

Lil Boosie:
You ain't never had shit (yea) swerve on
For ya daddy in tha pin (yea)
Swerve on em
Acting bad off that gin (what)
Swerve on em
Hit his block and act again fuckin' nigga swerve on em
Lil Boosie:
You might catch me on the interstate (I10)
Acting bad, hoes hollin' there he go
Who? Boosie bad ass
And these fools no I keep that thang (I pack that thang)
There go that dawg spinnin' hard from lane to lane
Don't play no games cause I make you out to demonstration
Why you swerving' cause they hatin'
Why they hatin' cause you makin'
It's cash dawg, it's hatch dawg who you thought it would be
If you ain't buckin to the ceiling' you ain't Rollin wit me
I got this swerving shit from back in the day (back in da days)
When niggas on them p's and v's made you get out they way
Hey people hollin'why you act like this is it (why boo) em' pills?
Hell no it's that savvy shit that I done lived
Keep it real, you be swerving to (swerving' to)
If yo shit spinnin' bout a thousand hoes done heard of you
That dirty do, anything to attract dem hoes (check this out)
Hang out the window with they shirt off throwin up them 4's
This how it goes

You by the clubswerve
You wit yo girlswerve
A nigga mug swerve
All my thugs swerve

(Chrous 2x)
You ain't never had shit (uhun swerve on em')
For ya daddy in the pin (unuh swerve on em')
Actin' bad on that gin (yeeeeeeaa swerve on em')
Hit his block and act again fuckin nigga swerve on em'

I'm doin 55 in the burbon straight swerving
Wit a high yellow fine virgin and we swerving
Hollin I'm a foo boy ya heard me straight swerving'
A nigga behind me in the excursion and he swerving'
Hit the parkin' lot by the club just swerving
Head lights shinin' on my dubs while I'm swerving
I keep a ol' pistol on my lap while I swerve
Just in case I have to peel a cap while I swerve
I play the 659 with the slap while I'm swerving
I gotta have the killa and the yak while I'm swerving
A 4 or 5 hundred dolla stack.. Big swerving
Smoking on some dolga early Monday and I been swerving since Thursday
Red bones in the back got me swerving
Shit I done took my eyes up off the road while I was rubbin on that cat
Doing it big like that nigga swerving
It's all good we on the map
Baton rouge were ya at Swerve

(Chorus 2x)

You ain't never had shit (uhun swerve on em')
For ya daddy in the pin (unuh swerve on em')
Actin' bad off that gin (yeeeeeeaa swerve on em')
Hit his block and act again fuckin nigga swerve on em'

Lil Boosie:
This for my dawgs in penitentiary (in the pin)
Who holla shit like gutta gutta when you mention me
That Hennessey
Mane that hen got me swerving crazy (swerving crazy)
I saw a dime turned my head and almost hit a lady
Slow down baby
With lil b hollin in the back (in da back)
I'm in my sts lil chuny in my otha lack
Don't fuck with hatch
Cause I'll hit you with that Nina Ross (that Nina Ross)
It's on ya head, bi*** ya dead I'll pay the cost
Cause I'm a boss
In the Southside of Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge)
Where niggas swerving on them 20's and them 22's
We act a foo
Back in the game I used to go to dreams (dreams)
In my firebird on them choppas and them fucking screens
Sippin that lin
Acting like I never had shit (uhun)
Bust yo head in trash pit
Wrap you up in plastic
Show yo ass magic
Abra cadbra cado
Here go lil boo
This verse is for all my hoes who be swerving too
Ssb swerve(bottom), upt swerve(top)Park t, Easy t,
Cee Cee swerve Fairfield swerve,
Sherewood swerve every hood in baton rouge it's all good swerve

Swerve(swerve right) swerve(swerve left) swerve
(swerve right) swerve (swerve left)swerve
(swerve Right).. Swerve (swerve left)
Swerve swerve (swerve right)
Swerve (Swerve left) swerve (swerve right)
Swerve (swerve left)
I never had
This for my daddy..
Swerve I'm getting cash swerve
I act a ass swerve swerve (swerve right) swerve
(swerve left) swerve
(swerve right) swerve (swerve left) swerve swerve
Swerve on em then

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