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Lifeseeker – His Name's Frank lyrics

Hordes of zombies
On the horizon
Who you gonna call
When the dead are rising
The posses gettin large
Man it's supersizing
But they a bunch of dumbshits
They ain't too conniving
From willamette to vegas
To santa cabeza
Imma tell you right now
Shit gets crazay
Can of zombie whoop ass
First three ingredients?
Frank west
Orange juice
And dress code deviance
It ain't a game
It's a modern fiasco
He got a raw deal
Now he gotta get aggro
An teach a lesson
Bout corporate schemes
It went from beef
To queens
Into zombie fiends
Then back into zombrex
The plot gets complex
Don't get it
Out of order man
Keep it in context
He's covered wars you know
Oh of course you do
I'm gonna say his fricken name
Til I'm hoarse and blue

His name's frank
His name's frank
Want the scoop of a lifetime?
It's money the bank
He's frank
In the mall or the casino
Walkin zombies
Off the plank
His name's frank
His name's frank
Isabella's on his mind
But he's got no time to wank
He's frank west
Phenotran's runnin scams
Gonna put him to the test

Frank west
You'll find him
Where he doesn't belong
Frank west
And death
Just don't get along
Frank west
He's better than
Mowing the lawn
And yes!
He saves his game
While he's using the john

Give him a stuffed bear
And he'll attack shit
Give him a hard time
He'll say "fantastic"
And I'm pretty sure that
You can get your ass kicked
If the zombie outbreak
Makes you psychopathic
Motocross jackets are nice

But franks style is priceless
Sportin the stylish chain
For his midlife crisis
With his back outta wack
Broke his sacroiliac
Taking zombie upskirts
Is he a necrophilliac?
Last brash fiend
That gave em a bad scene
Got sprayed with the water gun
Filled up with gas-leen
So everyone knows
That weapon combos
Are when
Things like wheelchairs
Get connected to lawnmowers
And put to use
In the abuse of zombies
All purpose enemies
Who've replaced
The commies
Hit em with the hail mary
Long gone cherry
Droppin on em
Til they're not so scary
Put yer fears to rest
It's the new recreation
If you ain't impressed
Go play some putt putt
Try to cut the stress
While I'm yellin
What? What?
With the homey
Frank west


Workin for the man
Had enough of it
Went free lance
On some other shit
Said take this job
And keep shoving it!
Coz I'm goin bald
And loving it!
Back in the game
It's beyond belief
Chuck is handy in a pinch
But you know the chief
Of the zombie fightin
Gut wrenchin from inside em
Droppin blows on his foes
Frank wests
The titan
Still claim you never heard of this! ?
He's a kick ass photojournalist!
"with a style based in the firmament
1st place"
At the zombie crushin tournament!
Some just move on!
That ain't frank
Kicked in the glass wall
Col smashed the tank
Now he's floppin round
On yer living room rug
Sayin "yo zombrex is a hellavu drug!"
With time ticking down
There's a lot to manage
Isabella's lookin good
Wishin he knew spanish
Renta cops bustin shots
He's taking damage
Only one thing to do
Eat a sandwich
Gettin souped up
On rice wine
For the scoop of a lifetime
If he makes it to primetime
His name in lights might shine
Still he ain't tryinta show em
How to be the best
But he's happy when they say
"heyyy it's frank west!"
Open up the locket
Read carlito's curse
He didn't do it for himself
He did it for mother earth!

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