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Liberty City – 24-7 lyrics

Ooh, yeah, oh, yeah, all night
24-7, baby
All night, yeah, yeah
All day and all night, yeah, yeah
Listen, girl

What a welcome home, rose petals on the floor
I like the way you pulled me through that door, babe
Cant wait to see everything you have in store
Youre teasin me, got me goin crazy

You can lock the door (Lock the door), throw away the
key (Throw away the key)
Im your hostage, baby (Baby), come and torture me
You put it in neutral, it lets me know youve got
I love the way you roll back to slow, dont let it go

All day, all night (24-7, oh, yeah., yeah, yeah...)
24-7, good love
All day, all night (All night)
24-7 (24-7), good love

All day (Yeah), all night (All night)
24-7, good love (Yeah...)
All day, all night
24-7, good love

Girl, now we messed around, saw it up, saw it down
Still on the floor, body and soul, I wanted more
Youre flexible, usin moves, tryin to break that
Girl, lay back, take this, take that

Im zoomin in, the target is the G-spot
Anything to keep you wet, anything to keep you hot
Wanna milk the cow, do your thang, work it out (Work
it out)
Let play, Move Your Mouth, now girl, thats what Im
talkin bout (Ooh...)

All day (Day), all night
24-7, good love (24-7, baby, yeah)
All day, all night (All night)
24-7, good love (Yeah...yeah...girl)

All day, all night (And all night)
24-7, good love (Oh, yeah)
All day, all night (I cant sleep)
24-7, good love

All day (All day and all night, baby), all night (My
spot, hit the G-spot)
24-7, good love (Thats what Im giving)
All day (All day and all night), all night
24-7, g

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