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LiAh – Teenage Phenomenons lyrics

Blank note page in front of me
Empty words are all I see
Until they're gone the same old song
The melodies inside my head
Tune in mind a perfect rhyme
Close my eyes envision lines
Blank note page in front of me
The lyrics are the only key
You're chasing me all over town
Cameras follow me around
It's impossible to break you down
Ups and downs won't shake you now
Oh woah
Phenomenons Teenage Phenomenons
Babies up to nothing good
Standing still heart made of wood
Give me fame and give me hell
Click away more pics to sell
Russian roulette on my own
Playing heartstrings all alone
Give me fame and give me hell
Holes in my heart no way to fill
Heart's racing as they hear my sound
White light's flashing all around
Soaring high going round and round
Talents lost but now it's found
A page a pen it never ends
Makes her hasty promises
Shut your eyes the scene will change
A golden glow that turned the age
Ideas flow grasp for the words
They'll fly to me like a bird
A different girl that they won't see
Because on the inside I'm just me
Pity in the clouds
Siting pretty for the crowds
Lifes a lie
Remembering the past
Tryna make memories last
Fading by
You're chasing me all over town
Even when the sun goes down
Light switch love goes up and down
Talent's lost but now it's found

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