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Levi Riggs – Whiskey Sunrise lyrics

Willie was a farm boy who lived down to Cotton Patch
His momma and old Pop John raised hogs and skinned muskrats
Every Friday nite they'd get to hollarin' and carrying on
And Ole' Pop John would run into town and get his liquor on
And he'd drink... Lord he'd drink

Willie learned real fast to just stay out of his way
Or Sunday mornings there'd be a whole lotta hell to pay
Cuz old Pop John stumbled in at the crack of light
Hallowed eyed he was looking for a fight
And Willie would take his guitar down to the creek and he'd sing

Wild Whiskey Sunrise. It's a good time to get away.
Life cuts from both sides. Like a sharp knife.
You can live or die, on a Whiskey Sunrise.

Willie left for Memphis on the day he turned 18.
Got a job doin' dishes down off of Beale Street
One night he was singing in the parking lot
A record man said son you can make it to the top
And he sang... Lord he let it ring!

[Chorus:] Wild Whiskey Sunrise
It's about time
I got away

A few years later old pop john ran a red light
The emt's they said he probably wouldn't make it thru the night
That Georgia sun was creeping up along those old live oaks
When an eerie sound came across his bedside radio
As he clenched in pain he heard Willie's final refrain

[Chorus:] Wild Whiskey Sunrise
It's about time
You had your day

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