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Laurie Maitland – Open The Door lyrics

To Jesus, your son, your gift of love
May be the holy door
God uses to open the heart of a child
Love is the key that unlocks the door
When I'm closing in, your perfect smile
Can open the door to this heart of mine

When Jesus knocks at the door of your heart
Redeemer of heaven and earth
Open the door and invite Him in
He will give you new life and rebirth
He'll give you the spirit to live in your heart
The greatest gift that ever will be
Not only for life here on this earth
But forever in eternity

Don't leave me stranded
Outside in the cold
During wintertime
I need you to keep me warm

Open the door and let me in
'Cause I need you to talk to me
When I'm locked up deep inside
Open the door and let me in
When I'm tied up in a bondage
And there is no way of breaking free
Hear me calling out your name
Come on over, baby
Open the door when you turn the key

When you walk by, you hear somebody else
Knocking on heaven's door
So, open the door and let Him in
Because He needs your love once more
If there's no peace or joy in your life
And life seems too hard to endure
Listen, my friend, when you hear the knock
He's waiting, so open the door

And let Him in
Because He wants your love
Like Uncle Sam
More and more each day

Open the door and let me in
'Cause I need to have you next to me
When I seem so far away
And nobody wants to be alone
So I need somebody in my life
Just to come to my rescue
I'll be coming in for more
So come on over, baby
Open the door and let me in

I'm telling you right now that this is not a joke
It's been a long time since I waited too long
Hurry up; unlock the door with a key and let me in
Because I need your hugging and your kissing
And I need your sweet loving

So don't leave me stranded
Outside in the cold
All winter long
I need you once again

Open the door and let me in
'Cause I need you to talk it over with me
So you can see what's going on
In the world of nowadays
And I need to ask you, "What's happening, brother?"
That's why I need your love once more
Home is calling out your name
So come on over, darling
Open the door and let me in

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