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Last Drive – Holy War lyrics

Holy War
War makes the killers
War makes the wise
War tells the parts babe
You gotta leave behind
Aint' no cure babe
Ain't no therapy at all
Ain't no drug babe
Take you higher
Than the Holy war

Engines start rolling
Witchhunters too
Thirst of the wicked ha!
Out for you
Ain't no cure babe
Ain't no fun to me at all
Ain't no high
All get ready for the holy war

War is the healer

Wave your bye-byes
This war 's a tv shame that leaves you paralysed
Ain no cure babe
Ain't no veterans back home
Ain't no drug babe
Take you higher
Than the holy war

How long has it been since you last had a war babe?
I mean this intuition's gonna haunt you like a death-
Row kiss
There's no fuckin' way to turn into a veteran, babe
There's no way to put the blame on me

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