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Lafa Taylor – Rollin Dough lyrics

so, I got this idea for this song uh Imma use rhyming words like like associated and uhh so, she ate it And. uh, it's like I'm saying different thing I'm saying I'm, using the same words sounds, like I'm using the same words but they have different meanings Does. that make any sense Verse?

*1 Eh*
When you all up in my ride man leave the ac alone Best
not be talking s t**about me bumpin a Cee-Lo And
if you burn my cd I aint gone get all butt hurt about it Cause
most of y'all aint actually heard it but heard about it Besides

I'd rather let you share just so someone can listen to it Really
it's cool for me to know just that someone cool is into it On
the reez though you, should pay for it cause I need dough So
I can quit my job at pizza hut where I knead dough -Hello.

whatup man this is Gene -Hey
you caught me at a bad time can, I get back to you Gene, -Yea
whatchu, doin -I'm?
up in Portland workin on this song I'm, actually in the booth right now But,
I'll hit you up when I get back to Eugene How's, life though -I'm?
doing allright bro, it's, all swell -Nice
imma, split but, glad to hear that all is well It's.
Lafa Taylor here to lead you if you gimme a hand So
if you feeling gimme a hand then gimme a hand Chorus!

day Imma be rich and I imma roll in dough And
use hundred dollar bills to roll indo I'll
have a biodiesal benz that I'm rollin though But
now I'm at the pizza parlor rollin dough Verse

*2 I*
know this girl whooo, She, has a butt like J-Lo And
when she dance she, make it shake like Jello -Damn
bro, where's, she from -I?
dunno I'll, ask her Hey. girly where you from -I'm?
from alaska -Alaska.
Oh! are, you from Juno -No?
but, I go down there a lot to visit jyoo know She

was beautiful and I really wanted to touch her but I,
thought she'd think I was weird if I just asked to touch her butt So
I said when, I look across this room you catch my eye when I browse Followed
by in addition I think you have very nice eyebrowse By!
now I'm, sure she's thinkin imma weirdo But
some girls tend to like those guys that are weird though So
I said lemme play this game of craps and imma take you to paradise I'm
about to win a million dollars with this pair of dice Besides!
girl we, should be associated Fed
her the cheesy pick up line but, I'm a boss so, she ate it Chorus


*3 I*
was at my vegan dj's house and he was trying to cook a plate of beets I
was like you leave the cooking to me man you, can just play the beats Cause
he was trying to cook some tofu last time I was there but he made a mistake So
I convinced him to eat beef my, buddy made him a steak I
aint a big fan of most of these punch-line mc's Though
sometimes, I get fed up and I want to punch line mc's Talkin.
about "My shit is lethal yo I got poisonous rhymes" I'm
not even wanna work with him if he's got poison in his rhymes But.
intead he talks about pimpin b s*****pulling, gats and, pumping fools Pullin.
drive-buys in his suburban with his boys in his rhymes That.
s t**is not sick He's. thinking it's toxic But,
at best it compares to like Brittany Spears Toxic, And.
I'm like the, last thing in the Universe I'd
want to do is put you in a verse Because.
people listen to my s t**and say wow isn't that dope Then?
people, hear your s t**and go that isn't that dope Chorus!


*4 Ah-ahahahaha-*
I said ah-ah-ah- who's sane Obviously?
not, Saddam Hussein We
told facts of the attacks but, the press didn't care So.
now, I'm wondering how to make our President care I.
love free speech but, they're taking our right away And.
giving cops the right of way we, need to change it right away I.
hope for the best but it's hard to have faith So
at times I meditate and I blaze and have faith And.
I wear a disguise when, I talk to these guys They're.
trying to take away all the air from the skies Once.
we got clear channel controlling, the industries So.
I press my own cd and I sell this s t**in the street While.
elites drink, champagne they, pour us s t**Leaving.
us in the gutter feelin poor as s t**Just.
because I'm African-American don't mean I
shouldn't be treated like a frickin American - do you feel me Yeaaaa? Chorus


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