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Lady Red – Smokin Dat Weed lyrics

A yeah, a yeah, a yeah, a yeah
A keep on kickin dem smokin rhymes
A yeah, a yeah, a yeah, a yeah
A keep on kickin dem, kickin dem, kickin dem,
Kickin dem, kickin dem smokin rhymes

[Chorus: x2]
Say I'm smokin dat weed, smokin dat fire
Take a puff an get a lil higher
Blow a gun to my an make my eyes turn red
Now I'm feelin kinda dizzy inside

[Verse 1:]
Me an my girls T. N Lee
We bout to get fucked up
So we scored a nickel bag
Of dat fire ass grass
And my girl Valeana cut it up
So we went down da street
To da corner store went got my girl Coco
I say we jetted to the back
Just to see my girl Tess
Cause we knew that hoe
Wanted to get blowed

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
So we jumped in the ride
And rolled the windows up
An took us a ride aroun Rumurs
Niggas lookin at us without a dout
Catch a cotact from dat urb as they come out
So we parked on the side to see whos shive
An see if there some niggas that's bound to get high
Say yes we walked in the club an it was crowded
I heard dem 4th ward niggas
Sayin they bout it, bout it

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
I gotta blunt cut it up, and take out the tobacoo
An roll dat bitch like a fuckin firecracker
When I get real high I be spooked out I let dat shit
Go through my nose an out through my mouth
[X2] I said in through my nose an out through my mouth
My eyes turn red so you know I'm zested out

[Chorus x2]

A take a puff nigga, a take a puff nigga,
A take a puff if you don't give a fuck [x2]
A take a hit nigga, a take a hit nigga,
A take a hit if you don't give a shit nigga [x2]

Because I got, got it, got it, on my mind
Because I got to, I got to, I got to get high

A ratta tat tat goes my motherfuckin trigger,
Tryna put Lady Red on the map my nigga
A ratta tat tat goes my motherfuckin trigger,
Tryna put High Power on the globe my nigger

Yeah it's Lady Red in this motherfucker representin High
Power truly, motherfuckers
Bout to let yall know, given a couple of shotouts to dat 4th ward,
My momma, my daddy, my whole family
My brother Mickey, my cousin Keith, my lil sister Lela
My girls Valeana, Tanisha, Tootsie, an Neceey
An special shout outs to dat whole uptown crew ya heard me

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