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La Sexorcisto – Soul-crusher lyrics

Leatherneck'n down the street like "Hey I'm joyrid'n" Like a bad dog
- come on "Burn in!"
Leatherneck'n down the street like "Hey I'm joyrid'n" Like a bad dog
- come on "Burn in!"
Demon got my soul and I said "Drive!" Come on - speed kills - but I'm
alive yeah!
In my Durango 95 Yeah!
Casino on the edge she move like a twister gravity crank - solo my
Come on. She said "Take me away!" Away! Away! Shout!!
I'm deadly on the eyes an astro-spyder, baby!
A powertripp'n - NO - NO - NO - Maybe? Come on!
Angel trumpets again yeah!
Motherfucker scream "horrorshow" time a diamond ass right on my line!
Come on. She said "Take me away!" Away! Away! Yeah!!
Bruning like fat in the fire the smell of red, red groove screamed
A stalking ground without prey. A flash of superstition whimpering
like a crippled animal.
Dogs of the Soul-Crusher! Pulling closer like the blue steel jaws of
Digg'n in my heart I find a human generator. Duke of N.Y. See Yeah!
Eliminator all you need is love.
Yeah! Like a cool and crazy freak machine she twanged off and out
like I never seen.
I gonna take her, take her down, down, down watch out!
Shack'n out in my skin - flesh 'n' waves they begin!
I going out like a holiday [Shout It!]
Then my mind generate a weepy young "D" to terminate.
Takin' a trip - I said, "Straight to hell" [Shout It!]
Real country dark the street, hog the road - swamp beat.
She gonna know just what I mean - yeah!
Trip back on the serpent move Z-man slowly bang the groove.
Takin' a trip - "A real kick" to hell [Shout It!]
Think'n that when she die - spirit go up to the sky!
Devil come a stepp'n brainiac a look'n below - yeah! [Shout It!]

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    Many references to Kubrik's movie and Burgess's book A clockwork orange. References focus on the beginning of the post modern tale a of a youth with out conscience. The main character, Alex, is a middle class juvenille delinquint. He is what many consider today to ba a sociopath. He steals the" Durango 95" as in the lyrics and describes his happiness as real "horrorshow". Not surprised by the Lyrics coming from White Zombie. The character is infamouly q**** and is into rape and eventually murder. He fully comprehends his actions with out remorse. Don't really think heaven and hell come into play here. Soul Crusher probably refers to the characters willingness to commit crime in order to fufill his base pleasure. The lyrics kind of glorify the feeling Alex gets from breaking social norms and attaining the rush from stealing and reeking havok on society. Zombie must embrace these values at some level(entertainment purposes). The movie is g**, read the book, it poses some cool questions.
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