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L.a. Guns – Hollywood Tease lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Don't you like me, won't you invite me
Take me on back to your home
Do you think I'm easy,
Would you like to please me
Next time you're all alone
Would you say you care, rough my hair
Do whatever I please
Will you keep me in style,
''cause you know all the while
That I'm the Hollywood Tease

Oh, what a lonely person you are
Oh, without me you couldn't get far

Let me be rude, do you mind if I'm crude
I'll insult all of your friends
Never reprimand me,
Say you won't demand me
Promise that you like all my trends
Will you run my bath, make me laugh
Get right down on your knees
Stare in amazement at my Hollywood basement
I'm the Hollywood Tease

Oh, what a lonely person you are
Oh, without me you couldn't get far,
Oh hot dog

Want to abuse you, I'm out to confuse you
Suck your blood and leave you for dead
Hey I'm sarcastic, I'll treat you like a spastic
Ignore every word that you say
Gonna snore in your ear, spit in your beer
Do whatever I please
When I've broken your heart, I'll quickly depart
''cause I'm the Hollywood, I'm the Hollywood
I'm the Hollywood,
I'm the Hollywood ha, ha, Tease

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