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L-Drizzle – My Life lyrics

Feat. Mariecover

Mariecover on the beat
Lets go!
Keep hustling make it flow
Keep struggling make it fly
Never give it up
Never let go
It's my lyf gat to make it to survive
Keep hustling make it flow
Keep struggling make it fly
Never give it up
Never let go
It's my lyf gat to make it to survive
All my life
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah eeeh
All my life
Yeah! yeah! Yeah eeeh
L-Drizzle am ready to eat dis single
I trana beat dis mingle lyk Steven Seagal
I see from far I gat eyez of an eagle
Am heading to the top yeah niggar call me a hero
I kip on moving I knw u gat a move in me
Am heading to de top coz haters are pushing me
I don't give a damn
U better do de same
Am changing dis game plan
And tranna be a rapstar!
Situation is too hard
I don't need to reverse
U say u want a remix you better start to rehearse
Straight from bottom
U better start to confess
I gat skillz in abundance
I don't need a banner
Am matching to de city ndikudziwa sinditopa
I gat my lyf bac
No tym 4 playbac
Am back in dis business
Hey! u better layback
(Am back in dis business hey! u better layback)
This aint a warzone u need to move on
U better start moving 4 u to prove on
Am on da platform
Don't know where to start from
Am looking from above
Haterz tell me where ur coming from
Am the big boss
So hater don't speake gross
Am spitting on dis verse
Am coming with big blows!
M-C 'n' L-D
We pimping lyk we shud
Success is our mood
We heading to the top!
Dis aint a movie
Bt am having a c4
Am running dis business
Lyk u never know before
Am a pilot
Bt I run dis streets wit ma starlet
My mind so busted lyk niggarz in pilates
Thank God for my lyf
The father for nation
Am rapping 4 generations
In dis civilization
Fron Bt to Chileka
Kuyimba sizophweka
Ya'l niggarz should get dat
Merriecover on de beat!
(Lets go! )
Everything step dat I take
Every move dat I make
Every where dat I go
Alway fight for it (ooh woo)
I pray to God dat I don't I can
Gat to make my lyf to survive
Wanna make my lyf to be lyyyk (eeeh)
Keep hustling make it flow (make it floooow! )
Keep struggling make it fly
(Make it flyyyyyyy)
Never give it up never let go
(Ooooooo0h! )
It's my lyf gat to make it to survive
(Yeah ey yeah oooh woo! )
All my lyf
(Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Eeeeh)
All my lyf(yeah! yeah! yeah eeeh)

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