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L2B – Midnight In Hollywood lyrics

Midnight in Hollywood,
Midnight in Hollywood,
Midnight in Hollywood,
Midnight in Holly-wood..

[Verse 1]
Just needed to get away and have some time to think,
As I walk in a somewhat empty bar and order a drink.
"What can I get you?" I don't care, just make it strong,
Soft music in the background, sounds like Louis Armstrong,
Get a scotch on the rocks, and take my first sip, and notice
I'm sitting in front of a blonde, who's the spitting image of
Marilyn Monroe, and she's smiling at me,
Then a man takes his seat, and he looks like James Dean.
Maybe I'm in a dream, 'cause this is impossible,
But it's hard to be logical when Marilyn
Is there staring in your eyes right across from you,
Gets up and walks in my direction,
Get the impression she wants to talk.
"Hello stranger, how come I've never seen you before?
The name's Marilyn." Yeah, I know who you are.
My name's Luke, it's nice to meet you.
In the back of my mind, thinking there's no way this could be true,
But I'm in..

Midnight in Hollywood,
Midnight in Hollywood,
Midnight in Holly-wood..

[Verse 2]
Let me buy you a drink, bartender get her whatever she wants,
"Oh, you're too kind. You know, I heard gentlemen prefer blondes."
Is that true? 'Cause I usually prefer brunettes like Audrey Hepburn,
But I could be a gentleman for you.
She laughed, smiled, said "That was pretty smooth,"
Then stopped to think, "I know what we should do."
Then grabbed my hand and we made our way out of the bar,
She waved down an old fashioned cab and we hopped in the car,
But as I look around, I don't even know where we are,
But we pull up to this party and all I'm seeing are stars,
Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, walking the red carpet,
Get out and walk up with Marilyn on my arm.
She introduces me to Ella Fitzgerald and Dean Martin.
I say Hi, I don't know what the hell is going on.
They all laugh, Dean pats me on the back and says come on,
And we follow him in the club and the night goes on in..

Midnight in Hollywood,
Midnight in Hollywood,
Midnight in Holly-wood..

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