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Kukl – Just By The Book lyrics


The man on the cross
He stares at me
He's, he's on the cross
Because I'm.... Hooked on our sins
Our sins, my sins
I'm told, it's my sins
I've got nothing to do with it
And he, he keeps.... He keeps.... He keeps
The man on the cross
He keeps staring at me
The man on the cross
He keeps staring at me
I try to face
I try to face
The man, the man on the cross
He keeps.... He keeps.... He - stop


See, I'm quite happy now
See, I'm quite happy
I feel fulfilled
I know what I want, see
I got this certain direction, see
I just follow
I got to know this
Oh, this great guy, see
I, I just do as he tells me
Oh, I'm scared
I believe
I believe
I'll do anything
Just ask
I believe


We are, we are the cross
Staring at our souls
We are, we are the cross
Because of all those hungry, hungry
Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy stare
They greet us,
Put us on the cross
Has put us on the cross
The greed, up we hang there
We hang there, we die
We're just hanging floppy
We don't even need no mirror to see
That we are hanging,
We're hanging on the cross
We are on the cross
We are... We are.... On the cross


Oh I'm in this relationship now
See, we intend, we work together
I do the dirty work for him
One and one, speech your soul
Quite good, you see
He's still busy
He's still busy,
He's hanging on the cross all the time
See, I believe and I'm willing to
I'm willing to convince everyone
I believe
Come on follow us
It's quite good
You don't have to think
He thinks for you, you just follow
Oh, I believe....
I believe....
Oh, I believe....


We are on the cross
We are on the cross together
Our minds
And our souls
We are on the cross because of them
I believe

Bjork: Oh I believe

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