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Krs-one – Do You Got It lyrics

Turn it up now, it's yo' time (ha!)

Thanks for yo' nickel and yo' dime (ha!)

The Kris-Style will blow yo' mind (ha!)

Let's get it started, right on time (ha!)

The elements, I represent all nine (ha!)

I do the written or the freeflow rhyme (ha!)

These rappers nowadays they be so blind (ha!)

You lookin for the skill but you won't find (ha!)

Real live skills I show mine (ha!)

Whack rappers I'll pay them no mind (ha!)

Improvement, they showin no sign (ha!)

Dj's, I hang with the dope kind (ha!)

All you cats, know meeeee (ha!)
I'm not ashamed of who I beeee (ha!)
I teach about G. O. Deeeee (ha!)

It's you that's frontin, not meeee (ha!)

I keeps it bumpin in the C-L-you-B

Eleven albums, what are you tellin me?

I am B-L-E-S-S-E-D

I don't need radio +Or+ tv
You are C-you-are-S-E-D

All I wanna do is recite my poetry

You hear somebody preachin, yeah you know it's me

You hear the t'cha speakin and yo, you gotta see

"Criminal Minded," do you got it?

[switching to a live performance]
(Throw your hands up!) "Criminal Minded," do you got it?
"By All Means Necessary" (uh)

"By All Means Necessary" (uh)

"Ghetto Music," do you got it? (uh)
"Ghetto Music," do you got it? (uh)

"Edutainment," do you got it? (uh)

"Edutainment," do you got it? (uh)

"Sex and Violence" - ooh they got it!
"Sex and Violence," do you got it? (uh)

("I Got Next" - do you got it?)

("I Got Next" - do you got it?)

("The Sneak Attack" - do you got it?)
("The Sneak Attack" - do you got it?)

"Spiritual Minded," do you got it? (huh?)

"Spiritual Minded," do you got it?!
(Alright, check it out..)

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