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Koo Chung – Pretend No More lyrics

Have you grow numb to this world
Have the cold words and lies blistered your heart
Have you tried and tried again
As you waited and longed to be proven wrong

You fight the demons in your heart
You search for someone to heal the scars
Don't you dare drown on me

Cause you've been swimming om that bottle every night
And don't you dare burn out on me
Cause you've set fire to the outside long enough

Have you played dumb to the masses
Have you taked that shallow smiles as they preteneded to care
Have you sereved with good intentinos
To be repaid with mistrust and silent slander
You fought the demons in that room
They only add to never healing wounds

Have you dug deep into your memories
Have you drawn upon the times I've let you down
Although they'be passed I still fell the sorrow
For all the ways that I have been so consumed with myself
As you fought alone there in your room
Wish I could tell you it'll all end soon

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