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Kolgate – Baby Girl lyrics

Verse 1-

They say beauty never lies, it's in the eye of the beholder.
I aint gonna lie, all I wanna do is hold ya. Never let you
Go, let you never leave my sight, cause seeing is believing,
And I believe in you tonight. And I love you. and girl you know I do.
Every single line I spit, ever word I say is true. And I'd die,
Without you, I need you in my life I don't know what I'd do.
If you left me, I'd prolly kill myself, I aint crazy, I'm in love.
Aint no pill that'd help. I need ya body, I need ya soul and ya mind.
Cause you balance out my life and you supportin my grind.
When I hustle, ya know I'm thinkin of you, when I'm all up in the booth
You the reason I do, everything I do, me and you, we forever together,
Like when paper meets the glue. Baby Girl, I'm tryin to start our life,
Our future together, you bein my wife. And that's a fact, aint no fiction
In that. I'm tryin to be the worlds greatest at this thing called rap.
And you got my back, and you got my all. If I got you by my side I aint
Never gonna fall. We on top forever, like Bonnie and Clyde, but all
You stole was my heart, so aint no reason to hide.

I said Baby Girl, I'm Loving you, I'll never leave
Unless you ask me to, we gon' be alright, we gon'
Hold on strong, with a love like this we can't go wrong.

Verse 2-

You see these hoes on t.v. and these sluts on the streets, these rabid
And filthy bitches well they just aint me. Now not all of em bad, in the eyes
Of a guy, but they bad for me, let me tell ya why, I got a queen. She means
The world to me. If she needed salt or water, I'd cry her the sea. Yeah I said it
Before, and I'll say it again, me and you baby, we the best of friends. It
Started out fast maybe for the two of us. I'd been around the block, and this
The first you felt in love. But something from the moment that we first ever
Touched that told me deep inside that love was what I struck. I could say it again,
But you'll argue, I could hold you so tight you wont budge, In your ear I could
Whisper so lightly, truth is, I could never love you enough. And It's tough.
Cause I try so damn hard, I wanna have a home with the kids out in the yard
But the music that I'm makin is my dream occupation stemmed from childhood
Frustration, and I know you loose your patience, but I swear I'm gonna make it
Just so we can live alright. you the calm before the storm, andmy shelter from
The night, your the women taht I love, your the reason for my life. Your my
Chill when I get down from the constant pain and striff. I love you.


Verse 3-

You've become the sun to my ever changing earth, you brought me peace
And love and took away all of the hurt, you my angel my love, my baby, my boo.
This smile that I'm rockin is all because of you. You've givin me your body, we've
Been one tho we are two. And It's true, I love you more than you think I do.
And I'd do, anything you asked me to, I aint whiped I got It bad, I aint afraid to admit
To that. Cause you know that I love you, you know I'm stayin down, music to
My ears anytime you make a sound. I act a clown, when all my friends around,
I can turn the crazy down if it starts to make you frown. Ya smile, is all I ever wanna see.
Can't wait till the day taht we in this officially. Mr. and Mrs. K-O-L-G living happily, f
Ollowed up by A-T-E. My misery, your sympathy. It had to be our best company.
What's best for me, aint right for you. What you want, I don't wanna do.
But we stay together, we stayin true. I'm so in love, I owe it all to you.
And one last thing, you'd like to know, I love you girl. Yo you my life I owe.


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