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Kofi Asante – Baba God lyrics

Baba God lyrics-Kofi Asante ft. Min. Mckernel
Sung in english and african pidgin
Aw rrrrrrr!

(I don’t know what to do oh
I don’t know what to say 2x)
Before I used to be the worse
Now counted among the best
Na Baba God oh
Na e don do am
Na Baba God oh
Na I don make am 2x

Verse 1-Min. Mckernel
Chineke God way deliver me from the shackles of the enemies
He set me free er er
Come brother make we dance
Give Jehovah praise
I no be hin a
Where I for they now now
I don carry me for hin back
I don butter my bread oh
My brother eii
You dey listen to me ey
Make you pick your hankerchief a
Make you shake for Jesus
Make you pick your hankerchief a
Make you dance for Jesus
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know what to say eeeey

Repeat chorus 2x

Verse 2(rap)-Kofi Asante
Ever since my birth through maturity
I have been through miseries and agony
Mama papa they tried to fix it
They couldn’t do it (waisted efforts)
Oga Jesus used one day na e don make am(that’s a miracle)
Na who ever thought that I could come this far
Even though I have man aspirations
But this is beyond my expectation(oh yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Cos back in the day
Used to be like a sheep without a shepherd
Until one day I heard a voice telling me
Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden
And am gonna give you rest
Ever since my story have changed
From grace to grace
From zero to hero
And I know for sure
He gon do for you if only you believe
He gon do for you if only you obey
But as for me right now
Bridge-Min. Mckernel
I don’t know 2x my brother

Repeat chorus 2x

Verse 3-Kofi Asante
Imagine me a wretch na I dey for my corner
Struggling with my matter
He came to my corner
He changed my matter
Things dey better (oh God)
He picks me from the miry clay
He set my foot upon the rock
Now here I am today
My story have changed tremendously
Behind human imagination
Ebi nom enti asiee
Eye omu whan wa
But I tell you say this one pass juju(oh yeah)

Bridge –Min. Mckernel
Na baba god oh na e don do am
Na baba god oh now I don make am 2x
I don make am yeah yeah
E don do am
Counted among the best
E don do am
I don make am yeah ye

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