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Knightowl – You Best Not Double Cross Me lyrics
Point em out and just let me know that bitch that's talkin all that smack
As easy as I bust a rap, fool I can bust a cap
Cause I'm the one that got's em runnin
Fools be beggin like a bitch
Then they tell me, "please don't hurt me, they made me snitch"
Mothafucka you's no good
You ain't even from no fuckin hood
So don't pretend to be a gangsta
Fool you're just a ranka
Oscar be the name of that puto
I'm talkin bout you told on me bitch and I got paper work to prove it
Fuck the Aztec Tribe, cause they ain't about a fuckin thing
They all just a bunch of bitches
That belong with worms in ditches
They all like to open up their lips, yap and talk the masa
But some of you mothafuckin fools ain't even raza
Now what's up wit Reggie
His bitch mom got's to wipe his ass
When that fool takes a shit, cause that puto's livin crippled
Now what about that fuckin punk you call a father
He's just a big sissy a bitch and a mothafuckin snitch

You best not fuck around fool
You best not double cross me
Or I'ma put you deep in the land of the lost sea
a lot of mothafuckas play the game
But I'm the one that'll remain
If you don't die forever bitch you'll be in pain

Everybody knows me, in the city
This is Diego fool I hope you come and get me
I got some thin for that ass it's waitin
No comteplatin, fuck around fool
It got's to be you, the next bitch I'm assainatin
What the fuck that shit you said holmes
I'm crackin domes, mothafuckas that want to get sick
Go suck the dick, but I don't give a fuck Mc's
They best get on their knees
That fools about to rest in piss
I gotta dismiss him, let these bullet kiss em
Me enemies won't try, but if they do then they fuckin die
My mind is so polluted, now it's you that's executed
I'm that fool, that keeps all you mothafuckas wishin
To be a thug like me, to live a life like me
Cause I'm the dopest, bald headed fool
The sickest, I'm insane
The crazy fuckin soldier controlondo all the rap game
Mothafuckas, you best get out the way
Cause I'ma rock this mothafucka like a peirda
The rest of all your putos for mierda


I float like a butterfly I sting like a mothafuckin scorpion
I'm causin damage, you're at a disadvantage
You wan't some of this fool
You can't compete, you ain't from the mothafuckin streets
So you best get on
Don't you ever approach, this bald headed coach
I thought you were down, dick shrunk like a roach
Talkin bout how you were gonna smoke me and all that shit
I made you eat your fuckin words, you faggot your fuckin maggot
Cause I'm still the same after all this fuckin fame
Stupid mothafucka I'm the one that will remain
I be comin with a wicked not a wet back fuckin story
Ain't a mothafucka dope enough or in my category
I'm the one, that's done all that shit you want to do
I got a crew that breaks the rules and never likes to lose
Back the fuck up, I'm here to take what's mine
The last name be Corona which makes the crowd mine


[Knightowl (Talkin)]
That's right mothafuckas
It's that bald headed felon
Talkin shit once again
Disrespects goin out to that bitch in a wheel chair
Reggie, you fuckin faggot
And to his fuckin punk ass hor of a mom
Fuck you
Your husband, fuck you to
Oscar, you's a fuckin punk snitch
I got paper work on your ass fool
So keep your mothafuckin eyes open
Cause they ain't gonna be open for long you little bitch
I'ma shut em
I'ma put you under

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