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KJ – Dead Presidents lyrics

Feat. JClay And Swateezy

[KJ - Hook]
Dead presidents
These niggas claiming they wont cha but aint about no grindin shit
Like Benjamin
An we all about them Benjamin's
Jackson's Lincoln's an Hamilton's
Dead president
Yall mo famous den you
An when dey obtain ya dey dnt know wat to do but blow it
Dead presidents
An we after the cream
Cash rules everything around me
Dead presidents

[KJ - Verse 1]
I'm on dat biggie shit
Like juicy bitch
Smokin on bamboo
Sipping on private shit
We pilot shit
Cuz flyer den a flyer gettn tossed n shit
Dead president
An we all about dem Benjamin
Niggas bleed like us
An yall dnt want beef
Cuz I'm sendn warning shots before
I loot cha bruh
(Ask yo self)
Why dey wanna stick me fa my paper
Why dey wanna take me away from my baby bruh
Why deez niggas stick me in the trunk
N tell me my life is over like Nathan
Motherfuck you deez niggas aint cha
Homies jackin homies nowadays jus to get to cheese rat ass niggas here what saying
Dead presidents
Are the root of all evil
So keep ya shit lowkey
N get to the money
Keep ya circle tighter than fist
Cuz broke niggas always down to double cross friends an family
Dead presidents surrounding me
Drowning me


[JClay - Verse 2]
It's The Slip no lawsuit
Hotta than hot soup
Real recognize real
You in costume
Y'all niggas ain't realler than a cartoon
I got mo money than I got due
Trust me, a homie got a lot due
Why don't you pay it back, I don't got to
I don't roll wit the norm
I am not you
I got you tryna talk slick on The Slip
Get a lip slit, from a fist swift on the strength,
I ain't talkin lights out but it's dim you don't really want it with them or him for that matter,
I felt badder, cuz I shattered his bladder, I can't control my own force, I don't fight unless I'm forced
I'm a non violent dude but I train for war, got no scores to settle
But niggas still soar they should learn to leggo
Of they frustrations, it's they limitations
That leads to devastations and they mutilations when they go against the Slip saytions
Mo money mo problems no problem mo patients, for the doctors, chiropractors
We got yo location
Bow to The Slip nation, I'm ya master


[Swateezy - Verse 3]
No hesitation, I'm burning dead presidents no creamation/
For the money best believe we get it shaking, gyration/
Boy we stretchin faces no facelift/
You only talkin bout ballin Steven a smith/
But I'm the reason that you ballin James naismith/
Talk about my worth and we talkin inflation/
I'm just sayin, my rosta fulla green no jamacians/
We just makin, a dollar from a dream, the dreams worth a milli but the grind don't cost a thing/
I had a dream I took my team and we lived out our dream/
Cuz I had a dream a king told me to live my dream/
That's inception except when they elect for neglection/
Or expect an exception, to connect with acception/
Try fuck no protection expecting a blessing, to fill their midsection/
So they can get money that will get them out of section/
8, but Mr Casanova won't make that mistake/
Ain't never been broke, I ain't neva gonna break/
My pops taught me how to get paid from the bank/
But you can't even get money from a bitch/
See I gotta whole list of ways to get rich/
And it goes a little somethin like this/


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