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Kirk Franklin – Could've Been Me lyrics

Chorus-It could've been me, with no clothes no shoes and no food to eat.
Yeah,(yeah), yeah,(yeah)
It could've been me, without you're love o tell me where would I be.
Lead-(it could've been)Me in the cold with (everything gone), No house no job (outside all alone), sittin' tryna figure out(where I went wrong), Can somebody help me (tell me what do I do), can't feed my kids need(money for the rent), Bills after bills and (everything spent), The enemy is telling me(might as well quit) with tears in my eyes crying(Lord please hear me)See all that's the reason,
(I just can't thank you enough no matter how hard I try, jesus I realize.
Lead again

Vamp- Thank you *3 It could've been me.
You didn't have to do it no *3 Thank you
Bridge- Too good to stop now father I want to give you thanks some more. All the things I've been through now I see I'm better than I was before. When I think about all you've done and How you opened up every door. I can't help but say thank you and If you wanna help me get up on the floor.

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    This song has shown me how to be humble in everything I do or have because we are not promised it in life. I could be just like the people who don't have anything. So remember do not just think about having everything and being very boastful about it because you could always lose it all or hurt someone who doesn't have it all.
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