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King Diamond – Mommy lyrics

You could see the fire burn, you could see the colors turn
From black to no return
The night begin to cry, rain from the sky
As the mansion died
Oh died..oh died
Deep down below, the fire would not go
The crypt is still alive listen to the child that cries
I wonder what is wrong
It's so here, could this be the home of fear
There's something in the dark, that should be left alone
As if it had a grave of it's own
There is a body on the floor, I hope there's no more
I think I'm stepping in blood
Too dark for me, a dark you only feel
A dark that always must be
I see a I'm blind...where did she go..oh no
Deep down below, the fire would not go
The crypt is still alive listen to the child that cries
Where did she go? She must have slipped into the dark again
Not too far away, I see a light
And there is Little One, standing by the wall
The lantern in her hand is lighting up the coffin on the stand
Oh..I used to know your sister, your eternal spirit twin
Oh but Abigail was way too busy with her revenge
And now you're stuck her on your own
A lonely soul who'll never find a home oh no
She cannot find her mommy, cause she's in the floor
And she doesn't ever know..who her mother really is, oh no
Only I and a few others know who her mother really is
The Countess...The Countess..The Countess
Oh she cannot find her Mommy
Cause she's buried in the floor
But it's not your MOMMY you're looking for
Sorry Dear (Outro)
"I wanna go's so cold down here
I don't like the dark
Where are you Mommy?
Will I ever see you again?
Please come back and take me away from here"

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