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Killah Priest – Science Project lyrics

Live my life (4x)

*42 second intro whose speakers are impossible to list individually*

[killah priest]
Five brothers they were layin in the lobby
And one had a shotty
Greed made em thirsty for money
So he plot, with his gat cocked
I need a knot, shit is gettin hot
The others said, "what could we do?
It's on you"
He stared em down as he passed 'em the brew
"hmm, maybe you see my view
Follow me upstairs on the eighth floor
And I will show you the door"
"the eighth floor, how is that? "
"that's where my cousin, is slingin crack
Be grand whatcha y'all niggaz is, puss?
Y'all seem shook, to have niggaz ambushed"
One other kid said, "you sound like a savage
Couple of years ago you spoke mathematics
I peeped your ways now you carry automatics
And try to give niggaz traffic"

*another conversation breaks out*

[killah priest]
He stepped on the elevator
"i see y'all crab niggaz later"
"call your cousin, and warm him of the setup
Before the brother gets wet up"
He ran to the pay phone
Hopin that nobody stayed home
He tried to dial, the niggaz started bustin
On the corner while them other niggaz hustlin
He jetted back to his projects
*automatic gunfire*
He heard the sound of a tec
*automatic gunfire*
He heard the sound of a tec!
("oh shit!")
He heard the sound of a tec!
*single blast*
He heard the sound of a tec!
*automatic gunfire*
He heard the sound of a tec!
*automatic gunfire*
He heard the sound of a tec!
He heard the sound of a tec!
*gun blast*

[hell razah]
Gun science projects
Lifestyle science projects
Port queens science projects
Parkhill science projects
Queensbridge science projects
Lefrak science projects
Life in a science project
Life in a science project
Life in a science project
Albany science projects
Bushwick science projects
Stapleton science projects
Go on a science project
Kingsboro science project
Bushwick science project
Sumner science project
B-boy science projects
Saint nick science projects
Webster science projects
Polo grounds science projects
White crawls science projects
Tonka science projects
Life in the science projects
Life in the science projects...

[movie clip]
In the beginning, we lived as we could
Friendless wanderers that we were, we cheated and stole
In order to live
We knew heat hunger and cold
And slept under the stars
Then, as time softened my sorrow
I began to put to use the skills I had learned in the school of life
And in my father's house

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