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Killa J – King lyrics

Even though I'm just a... I told you I'mma run it
... and fuck the world and now a nigga often coming
I just came up from the bottom
Now I'm chilling on the balcony
Cause I'll be in the building, doing work... faculty
Cause nowadays... we're balling like an athlete
... you're feeling like a...
... has to be... no masterpiece
I'm not your average artist, every track I rap some masterpiece
I'm just a living legend who is yet to reach...
That's the blessings... to beat these rhymes
I mean, have you heard my songs?
You can google with your mind
Yeah they're great, yes I'm... in line
I could probably use a tutor, cause I'm new to all this buzzing
But I show them how I do it, I just do it, call it fuck it
And when I go home, but fuck it
Cause I'm used to all or nothing
And it's fuck it, cause I remember when I do this all for nothing
Now is nothing! And damn, that's something!

Killin... getting paper, mother fucking hater
Started me with me walking... drinks are balling like the Lakers
So I'm smoking California, just to... the feeling
I'll be gaining when I see these rap records back in the millions
And my... have to know, it's more like motivation.
... example of a nigga, with a drink that goes and taste it
And I made it, but still I'm getting hated, only waited
Busy trying to find some shit that I can spray this paper on it!
I'll be on a grind, 24/7
Seeing line after line, that's...
I'm an automatic weapon, every day I drop bombs
And the whole world can kill a...
Every day I'm all... so connected to the universe
I did it, independent, just to show you what I truly worth!
When all the lies are telling... how truly hurts
So when you say I'm truly dirt, that really mean I'm truly first!

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