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Kill Ii This – Mourning Sickness lyrics

Sinking sand swirling at my throat,
Venom floats, my memories overdose
As a child a split reality,
Licking my wounds from playground brutality
Symptoms show, feeling comatose,
Lost control, still my cancer grows
Abandon hope, all emotions starve, on tightened skin,
My message is carved - my message is carved

Health of mind, like sparkling gold -
Colourblind and yet I'm sold
Fertile breed - Spewing like a superbulimic

Release the torment, unleash my demons,
Mix emotions like blood, sweat and semen
Regurgitate my holy grail,
Suck and swallow my Molotov cocktail
Repressed poison now finding it's release,
My life loses yet one more piece
Internal clues now twisting into form,
Dragged through the mill,
Like a ragdoll into thorns - ragdoll into thorns

I Reject It All - I Reject It All - I Reject It All -
I Reject It - I Reject It - I Reject It All

Overwhelming, raging self-loathing,
Sucking at my soul like a starving leech
Swallow then vomit, swallow then spew,
It's my frame of mind, my favourite view

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