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Kid Collin – Movin' lyrics

Yeah We movin'
Movin' n shootin'
Shootin' a lil movie
Yeah a movie(x4)

Yeah we moving
Em niggers start shooting
Ma money is blooming
Got a chick on ma bed
Nigger yeah she be moaning
Back from hell
I spit the shit you can never tell
Yo' lemme catch my breath
Coz am running outta air
Yo'l niggers so weck to me
Got your chick at ma crib
Yep she be grindin on this dick
Screaming hell yeah
Buh we be movin'
Movin' n shootin'
Shooting a lil movie

Yeah We movin'
Movin' n shootin'
Shootin' a lil movie
Yeah a movie(x4)


I'll be crazy
Drop something crazy
Ma chick want me to marry her
Her dad bout to bury me
In this rap game
Aint nobody can handle me
Yo'l niggers got nothin on me
Coz I'll be movin
When ya'l start shootin
I'll be dodgin your bullets
I'm sweet like hullets
Yo flows never work on me
My hommies got no worries
Dublin on this cash
Yo' tranna get paid
Yo' Kid Collin no homo
Yo'l weck no promo
Better listen you hobo
You walk like robo
Yes I'll be Movin'
I'll be Movin' nn shootin'
Shootin' a lil movie
Kid Collin
Keep calling
Bitches tip toewing

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