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Khleo – Are You That Freak? lyrics

Baby girl
I'm the man from the big LA.
Why don't you come play around my way
And listen to what I gotta say

Or you can call me kle
Or the freak
Cause when I get it on
She knows I'm a beast

You wanna learn something new
Boo, let me teach
I'm a man
I'm a city girl
Forget what you heard

Make a cat feel good
You can hear it purr
Body feel tight
Imma do it just right
Beat it up like me and you are in a fight

Girl, tonight and tomorrow morning
Imma hit it right after you yawning
Breakfast in bed
If you get what I said
Hey closed mouth does not get fed

So, instead I'll endulge in you
Quench my thirst with your juice
Ooh you so nasty, so freaky
Girl you just must not believe me

This what I do,
I get it in
All the others just pretend
And I freak like this
Can't do it like kle
Girl I'm walking ecstasy

Girl now listen
Let me see that body glisten
Hop up in the shower
Chill for an hour

Can I taste one more time
Can I send a shiver up your spine
Can I make your legs lock
Can I lick to the top

Do you want me to stop?
I didn't think so
Now turn over
Put you on the wall like a poster

It ain't over
Lay you on the ground, now
Imma put that pow
Game on you
I'm tryna put you to the floor, to the basement

Girl face it, I'm the best you ever had
I got that label
Wild kitty imma tame you
Train you

Can you last as long as me
Your pleasure's my policy
Girl you on the chopping block
Your jaw gon drop beneath the pop rocks

Legs on lock
Nails gon scratch
Rub your hands on my 6 pack
Put your legs from 10 to 2
4 hours and we still not through

You keep asking to let you breathe
I'm tryna sweat out that weave
We doing it all before I leave
You said you could handle me
Round 2 baby girl
Won't get no sleep

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