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Kelly Family – The Wolf lyrics

Watch out children there's a wolf out there
Open up your eyes son
Cause he's gonna get you
Lock your door at night
Cause he's gonna eat you
Don't try fighting beasts
Cause he's gonna beat you
Watch out children there's a wolf out there
Never run against the wind
Cause he's gonna win
If there's any doubt in your mind
Check and see if it's full moon out tonight
Check and see if he's got a tail
Don't forget to check his nails
Guardian angel
Guardian angel stay with me
I'm on my knees...
Watch out children there's a wolf out there
He ain't got no sweet mercy
He's only crazy
Danger's got you running scared
Can you tell me why you're going
Take a good look in his eyes
Don't shake his hand to tight
Be aware of Greek gifts
He's a son of a bitch
Your taste is in his mouth
He wants to have you now
Yeah what are we gonna do
With this big mean wolf
What are we gonna do
We're gonna whack him
Smack him spank him yeah
Watch out children there's a wolf out there
Open up your eyes son...
Guardian angel...
Watch out children
He is somewhere I can see him
Carry guns and knives tonight
Save your ass tonight
Watch out children!!!!

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