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Keith Harling – Santa's Got A Semi lyrics

Santa called a meetin' of the North Pole elves
Said "Listen here, this year we need a little help,
There's been so many good little girls and boys
The sleigh wont hold all of those toys
So heat up your hot chocolate thermos mugs
There's a Christmas toy convoy revin' up"
Santa's got a Semi flying down the road
Southbound, North Pole, overload
Got a wreath on the grill, star on the hood
He's checking off his list so you better be good
He's got a speaker on the top playing jingle bells
Red snowflaps on them eighteen wheels
Tell me have you ever seen steel and chrome fly

Beep, Beep, Bye, Bye, Santa's got a Semi

Santa called up the state patrol
Said if you see him coming boys let him roll
We got a long night ahead and a big job to do
They said " Ten-Four Santa, you can roll on through"
But be real careful, don't forget to buckle up
There's a whole lot of lovin' in big ole trucks



So if you see a big truck with a star on the hood
You better think twice, Yeah, you better be good


Beep, Beep, Bye, Bye, Santa's got a Semi-Ho, Ho, Ho

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