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Katzenjammer – Virginia Clemm lyrics

He was a child I was a child
Sentimental and wild
Now we're resting
Now we're resting
For twelve short years
We lived out of health
And of prosperous wealth
Oh my dearest
Oh my dearest
My only portrait to remind you
My wine on your old cloak
My voice sustained in our piano
Comme les carillons
De notre nuit de noces

Heir of my illness writer
Of all the stories and the words
That I'm haunting
That I'm haunting
When your heart is on your sleeve
Then I'll bid you my sweet adieu
Don't forget me
Don't forget me
The other woman to explain
Her letters I deplore
I'm the flare inside your sorry dark eyes
And I'll leave you nevermore

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    This song could be to do with the women Virginia clemm who married, American writer, Edgar Allan Poe. Who was her cousin. Virginia was thirteen when she married Poe (27), relating to the lyrics 'I was a child', they are now dead 'now we're resting'. They were married twelve years from 1835-1847, this fits with 'for twelve short years we lived out of health and prosperous wealth'. The song mentions her 'dearest' being a writer and her being the heir of all his words also, clearly all lining up with the story of Virginia Elise clemm Poe. She was born in 1822 and died 1847 only living to the age of 25.
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